“Gallery Co.Co.” Exhibition catalog by Gallery Co.Co. Published by Co-Ed and Common Satisfactory Standard. 28 pages 1-color risograph print, 2 pages 1-color stamp, 8.5 × 11 inches. First edition, 2018: 100 copies. $12.00.

Gallery Co.Co. is a wall measuring five feet wide and nine feet tall situated in the shared office of Common Satisfactory Standard and Cooperative Editions. The gallery is delineated from the rest of the space with a fresh coat of white paint and eggshell finish. The inaugural exhibition is a group show of seven artists and seven artworks presented bi-weekly, one piece at a time. With each installment of the show, the gallery offers a fragment of the press release and a signature of the exhibition catalog—both of which grow over time to yield a complete text and publication.