“Passenger Instrument.” Artists’ book by Mary MacDougall. Text by Tom Melick. Published by Co-Ed. 28 pages 2-color risograph, 2 pages 1-color risograph insert, 7.5 × 11 inches. First edition, 2018: 120 copies. $12.00.

The sun had gone but the light remained. The air con was broken. Our shirts damp with sweat. Bitumen became dirt. Rocks pummeled the undercarriage. Up ahead, a red-bellied black snake turned out to be a burnt stick. Behind, in the rear-view mirror, a cartoonish dust cloud, as though at any moment two big brawling figures would tumble out of it. They would tumble out of it with cartoon bruises and broken limbs, their navy-blue coats and white waistcoats torn, buttons and epaulettes missing, wigs grubby and tattered, and we would keep driving, leaving them behind.
– Tom Melick