“Projective Set”

Set is a trademark of Set Enterprises, Inc and Cannei, LLC. Set game play and card design is protected intellectual property. “The Card Game Set” was written by B. L. Davis and D. Maclagan. It was originally published in “The Mathematical Intelligencer,” 25, No. 3 in 2003. “Projective Set” is an oversized publication documenting Set’s “rich mathematical structure”—as outlined in the Davis-Maclagan essay—using the visual language established by the card game itself.

“Projective Set.” Essay by Benjamin Lent Davis and Diane MacLagan. Concept by Gerardo Madera and Nicholas Weltyk. Published by Co-Ed and Common Satisfactory Standard. 190 pages 4-color risograph print, 24 pages 1-color offset print; 11 × 17 inches. First edition, 2015: 100 copies. $45.00, sold out.