Written in a hybrid form that mixes self-help books, poetry, and the essay, “Sunsets” is an in-depth exploration of experience that obsessively grapples with the particularity of the sunset. As monolithic as it is monastic, Perry’s writing consistently spins into unknown territory, following the whims of a mind occupied only by the passive act of observation. Whether imagining science or puzzling over the inconceivability of prehistory, the volume provides a tribute to the sublime told at the frequency of reality. The sun takes forever to set if you watch the entire disk pass over the horizon, and Perry’s deadpan voice reflects that endless period; in his hypnotic, relaxed tone, ecstatic and despairing thoughts and images find calm expression that complies with the speed and feeling of a disappearing sun.

“Sunsets.” Essay by Charles Perry. Photography by Pete Deevakul. Published by Molasses Books. Design and production by Co-Ed. 48 pages digital print, 8 pages inkjet print; 5.25 × 8.25 in. First edition, 2015: 120 copies. $12.00, sold out.

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