“New Paintings 2014–2016”

“Over a two-year period that began in 2014, Brooklyn-based artist Alexandria Tarver (b. 1989, Houston) limited herself to a uniform template: botanical still lifes in a grayscale palette. Collectively titled “New Paintings,” these small-scale oil-on-linen works total forty-six in all, and depict a varied taxonomy of blooms, including roses, sunflowers, pansies, peonies, tulips, and chrysanthemums” (Introduction, Jackie Neudorf).

“New Paintings 2014–2016.” Monograph by Alexandria Tarver. Published by Deli Gallery and Co-Ed. 88 pages digital print, 1-color risograph cover, 9 × 11 in. First edition, 2017: 100 copies. $25.00, in stock*.

*Available at Deli Gallery.

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